Texas Flood Information and links - selling your flooded home.


If you have the money, time, resources, and patience to rebuild your home after a flood, then it may very well be in your best interests to do so.  Be aware, however, that the road ahead of you will be long.  Even if you have flood insurance, the compensation you receive may not be sufficient to rebuilding your home, paying for professional inspections, and replacing furniture, appliances, electrical systems, and other items lost in the flood.

Our professional team of real estate experts wants you to be able to make the best possible decisions regarding your home and your future.  We invite you to use the education within this site and, if you wish to work with us further, to contact us today.  We can evaluate your circumstances and advise you openly and honestly of your options.


Steps to make flooded homes ready for resell.


  1. Contact a Realtor that specializes in flood damaged homes. Email homevalues.flood@gmail.com or click here.
  2. Remove all wet carpet, sheetrock, cabinets if not solid wood.
  3. Remove all furniture and personal belongings ruined by the flood, but don't throw them away!
  4. Treat home with a mildew preventer. (call for more information)
  5. Maintain cool temperatures inside if possible to mitigate growth of mold/mildew.
  6. Use circulating fans to dry walls, floors, etc..
  7. Special instructions for hardwood floors

SHOULD NOT DO (if preparing your home for sale):

  1. DON'T WAIT. You need to make your decision now-to mitigate further damage to your home and to maximize the value.
  2. Remove solid wood cabinets
  3. Hire a contractor to rebuild/repaint or remodel
  4. Replace appliances/or systems 
  5. Tear out tile unless its failing.

If you plan on keeping your home, and are looking for tradesmen to do work in your home - send your information to homevalues.flood@gmail.com - with I want to keep my home in the subject line, or click here ; we have vendors that specialize in sheetrock, flooring, painting, carpentry, and demolition.


I also have names of remediation companies ~ whether you have flood insurance or not.   In talking to one of the national remediation companies, they wouldn't even come out if my client didn't have flood insurance ~ if you've run into the same issue, let me know. I can help!


If you have Questions...Call 713.818.2695 for a realtor with experience in flood damaged homes.


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